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*  WARNING: Amazon and eBay are NOT APPROVED Markets for new Air & Surface purifier product purchases. Our HAF American Mfg's will not honor Mfg.warranties or repair or refurbish any Amazon or eBay purchased Air & Surface purifier systems.
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HAF Air & Surface Products

This American Manufacturer Mission Statement
This American Manufacturer is committed to providing a lifetime of Covid-19 virus free healthy living, financial independence, and the freedom to live life on your terms.
This American Manufacturer spent tens of millions of dollars developing products, acquiring patents, and testing them with standards in various settings including chemical studies and others in independent medical testing labs certified to be compliant with US, FDA, and EPA standards and regulations.

ALL HAF Air & Surface Products come with FULL Mfg. Warranties & local extended Warranties. 

Air & Surface Pro+


Air & Surface Pro


Fresh Air Personal


Fresh Air Mobile


AirPro 5000


Fresh Air Focus


Fresh Air Classic


Fresh Air Zone


Pet Refresh


HAF GT Product Line* All Green Tech listed products below will be increased in price by 30% or more in 2 weeks.
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The Green Tech Mission Statement
Drawing inspiration from nature, GreenTech Environmental has a passion for technologies that contribute to Covid-19 virus free, healthier lifestyles. Since 2009, they have always been proficient at product development and cultivating an experience of improved quality of life. Then, GT Air & Surface technologies have the power to enhance your life, too. 

GT AP 3000


GT AP 1500


GT AP Solo


GT Personal


GT AP 500




GT AP Fridge


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